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vitamins are organic substances which the body cannot synthesize and whose presence in quantity is essential for racing pigeons.

Tip 1 – racing pigeons

Tip #1 – racing pigeons

In each loft, there are nowadays some quality pigeons. However, many pigeon fanciers win too few top prizes, or even just prizes. The causes of this failure vary from one colony to another. For...

The frame of the young pigeons 1 0

The frame of the young pigeons

The solidity of the frame of the youngsters pigeons is one of the constant concerns of the fancier in his culture and in the selection of his pigeons. How to have strong pigeons from...

About Pigeon Feeding 1 0

About Pigeon Feeding

When we talk about food, we are talking about “seeds”. A judicious use of a mixture of grains and its rational composition are closely linked to the constitution of reserves (muscle – energy). These...