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Trichomonosis in pigeons 1 0

Trichomonosis in pigeons

I am more and more convinced that trichomoniasis represents a real scourge for the health of our pigeons. Pigeons that have to fight against trichomoniasis are weakened and susceptible to other diseases. I even...

Drug absorption in pigeons 1 0

Drug absorption in pigeons

The cures, preventive or not, that modern pigeons receive more or less often during the year, are more or less well accepted. The “drinking water” route in particular is likely to pose problems: in...

Losses in young pigeons 1 0

Losses in young pigeons

After this dismal start to the season that we experienced until June 15, most fanciers had left their young pigeons at the loft. With the good weather, everyone hastened to put all these young...