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Sterile female pigeons 1 0

Sterile female pigeons

It’s a broad concept. Indeed, this ranges from sterility “from the birth of a pigeon” to the sterility of old age, through relative sterility (the female lays very little), and sterility practiced by laying...

Glands and Hormones in pigeons 1 0

Glands and Hormones in pigeons

All pigeon fanciers have heard of some hormones in pigeons: cortisone, particularly on the agenda, the male hormone testerone in which some hopes had been wrongly placed as doping for males, folliculin (female), prolactin...

Kidney function in pigeons 1 0

Kidney function in pigeons

The 2 kidneys in the pigeon are small pinkish-red organs located in a bony cavity under the posterior part of the back. It has nothing to do with what is called a pigeon’s “kidney”,...