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Medicines for pigeons 1 0

Medicines for pigeons

Albert Put from Alken wonders about advertisements of all kinds for pigeon medicines. Especially with regard to drugs for trichomoniasis and “head sickness” (so called). A treatment for 1 to 2 days, and this...

The yearlings pigeons 1 0

The yearlings pigeons

Some fanciers claim to save their yearling pigeons (yearlings) for the future. What exactly? What is the real meaning of the term save? Pigeon fanciers often consider that yearlings are “spared” if they are...

The young pigeons 1 0

The young pigeons

In Belgium and in Netherlands, competitions for youngsters are very popular. A large number of pigeon fanciers indulge in this type of game. With us, five national competitions for youngsters are organized every fortnight...