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Medicines for pigeons 1 0

Medicines for pigeons

Albert Put from Alken wonders about advertisements of all kinds for pigeon medicines. Especially with regard to drugs for trichomoniasis and “head sickness” (so called). A treatment for 1 to 2 days, and this...

Homeopathy in pigeons 1 0

Homeopathy in pigeons

We write a lot of articles about pigeon medications, which veterinarians suggest giving to pigeons, based on droppings analysis etc.… I have never read an article about homeopathic medicines, or even heard that we...

Drug absorption in pigeons 1 0

Drug absorption in pigeons

The cures, preventive or not, that modern pigeons receive more or less often during the year, are more or less well accepted. The “drinking water” route in particular is likely to pose problems: in...