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Racing pigeons in the aviary 1 0

Racing pigeons in the aviary

The freedom of pigeons involves some risks. This is why more and more fanciers, when they have found the “dream pair” which gives good youngsters, hasten to put them in the aviary. This couple...

The sterility of pigeons 1 0

The sterility of pigeons

The sterility of pigeons is the inability to give viable offspring. We can therefore see that the problem is very broad and singularly goes beyond that of ‘the female who does not lay eggs’...

Coccidiosis in pigeons 1 0

Coccidiosis in pigeons

If trichomoniasis is a disease of pigeon fancier “civilization”, coccidiosis is one of humidity. There is no doubt that bad, humid and hot or simply lukewarm weather constitutes a very favorable condition for the...