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Trichomonosis in pigeons 1 0

Trichomonosis in pigeons

I am more and more convinced that trichomoniasis represents a real scourge for the health of our pigeons. Pigeons that have to fight against trichomoniasis are weakened and susceptible to other diseases. I even...

racing pigeons eye disease 1 0

racing pigeons eye disease

Each season, especially when the first heat comes, you suddenly find a pigeon in the loft – often a youngster – with a swollen, watery, purulent eye the next day. “Hey, he took a...

Coccidiosis in pigeons 1 0

Coccidiosis in pigeons

If trichomoniasis is a disease of pigeon fancier “civilization”, coccidiosis is one of humidity. There is no doubt that bad, humid and hot or simply lukewarm weather constitutes a very favorable condition for the...